20 Minutes to Dinner

Salt Baked Salmon

Salmon has always been a summer center piece – cold on a pasta salad, grilled outdoors – but when I started studying salt baked fish, I realized that it’s a dish easily welcomed by the later seasons.


  • 5c:1c kosher salt to water
  • An orange, sliced
  • A lemon, sliced
  • Fresh dill and/or rosemary
  • Salmon, maybe 1 lb or lbs depending on who you’re serving


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Mix water and salt in a bowl; mix. The result should feel like wet sand. Spread half of the mixture on a baking dish. Squeeze and loosen the citrus slices; lay them on top of the salt with the fresh dill. Place the salmon on top, then layer the citrus slices again, squeezing out some of their juices and essence. Place dill alongside, then pack the remaining salt down, covering the salmon completely.

Bake salmon for 15-20 minutes. Uncover, serve.